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Cash for Cans Centres: How They Help the Environment and Earn You Money

Have you ever wondered what to do with all of your empty beverage cans? Instead of throwing them in the trash, you can bring them to a cash for cans centre. These centres provide a way for you to recycle your cans while earning a little extra money in the process.

Not only do cash for cans centres benefit you financially, but they also help the environment. Recycling cans reduces the amount of waste in landfills and conserves natural resources. Plus, the recycling process uses less energy than creating new cans from scratch.

What Are Cash for Cans Centres?

Cash for cans centres are facilities that purchase aluminum and steel beverage containers for recycling. When you bring your cans to a centre, they weigh the containers and pay you based on the weight. The price per pound varies, but it usually ranges between 30 and 50 cents per pound.

Most cash for cans centres only accept aluminum and steel beverage containers. This includes soda cans, beer cans, and energy drink cans. They do not accept other types of metal or aluminum products, such as foil or pie tins.

How to Prepare Your Cans for Recycling

Before you bring your cans to a cash for cans centre, it's important to prepare them properly. First, rinse out any leftover beverage or residue from the can. This prevents the can from attracting insects or rodents and keeps the recycling process hygienic.

You should also remove any labels or plastic packaging from the can. This makes it easier for the recycling facility to process the cans. If you're unsure about how to prepare your cans, contact the cash for cans centre ahead of time for instructions.

Benefits of Recycling Your Cans

Recycling your cans has numerous benefits for both the environment and your wallet. Here are some of the top reasons to recycle:

Choosing a Cash for Cans Centre

When choosing a cash for cans centre, there are a few factors to consider. First, you'll want to find a centre that is convenient for you to visit. Look for centres that are close to your home or workplace.

You may also want to check the hours of operation for the centre. Some centres are open limited hours, so make sure they're open when you plan to visit.

Lastly, consider the price per pound that the centre offers. While the price can vary, some centres may offer higher prices than others. It's worth shopping around to find a centre that offers a fair price for your cans.


Recycling your cans at a cash for cans centre is an easy way to do your part for the environment while earning a little extra money. By preparing your cans properly and choosing a convenient and fair centre, you can make the most out of your recycling efforts. So start collecting those cans and find a cash for cans centre near you!

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